About Us

Back in the 1950s my grandfather; Leo James "June" Daigle, opened up a furniture and appliance business called Daigle's Furniture & Appliances.  He worked along side his wife Rella and together they took care of everyday operations.  When their youngest son Glenn graduated from college with a degree in business, he decided to come home and work at the family business.  In 1985, they decided to become a Polaris dealership and actually showcased their first models right in the furniture and appliance showroom.

The Polaris dealership was moved to a building next door and the dealership became known as Daigle Sport Center.  "June" passed away in 2002 and Glenn stepped up to fill the shoes and absorb all the responsibilities of running two businesses.  In 2005, Glenn decided that the current location of the Polaris dealership was outgrown so he moved the dealership basically across the street to a larger building.  The following year we constructed a new service building allowing us to provide better service to our customers.  

In 2007,  Glenn's oldest son "Alex" graduated from college with a degree in Mechanical Engineering Technologies, and decided the dealership was where he wanted to be.

In 2012, Glenn's youngest son "Craig" graduated from college with a degree in Mechanical Engineering Technologies, and wanted to come home and work at the dealership as well.  Alex also became the first and only Polaris MSD Gold Certified Technician in the State of Maine.  

We've also added powdercoating to our list of services provided.  Bryan, Glenn's son #2, has been real busy building his shop to house his walk in oven and larger blasting cabinet.  Bry is currently powdercoating smaller items that can fit in a conventionally sized oven.

Alex is currently in the process of refurbishing a vertical end mill which will allow us to make and customize parts! A lathe will be in the future!

There's no doubt about it, we are a SMALL family owned and operated Polaris dealership.  Being small comes with many struggles, but also many rewards.  We get to take the time and really learn who our customers are.  We can spend time with each customer, find out what they're looking for, what they plan on doing with the vehicle, they're riding style, how many miles they do a year, etc.. This allows us to help you choose the right vehicle for you, not the right vehicle for the author of that article you read or the right vehicle for your neighbor.  We all have different opinions and it's not a "one size fits all" world anymore, especially when choosing the right vehicle.

Our service department can tailor and customize your snowmobile or atv to exactly how you want it.  We take the time to set it up properly for you.  We can add the right accessories to make your time in the great outdoors GREAT!  Vehicles are not taken apart and put together just to be rushed out.  We take are time and do professional work.  We want your experience with us to be professional but yet fun at the same time.  The way you enjoy your time outdoors in important to us.  Making sure your equipment is perfect for you is what we live for. Please allow us to make your riding experience a better one!